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Choose Your Own Price. I am launching the I-502 map on a pay-what-you-wish model. You decide how much this product is worth to you each month. An entrepreneur, attorney, or real estate agent may contribute more, while those just curious may contribute less.

Support This Research. My hope is that these contributions combine to something allowing me to continue developing the map with an egalitarian pricing structure. If not, the map might switch to fixed fee pricing.

Mainly King County. It is important to note the map mainly covers King County at this point. Only a few features—federal lands and libraries—are statewide. Next up, I'm planning to map childcare statewide, moratoria, and Pierce County features.


SEP 30: Before subscribing, please create an account. I'm still learning my WordPress membership plugin, and it seems to work better if users register first. If you have any trouble, please email