Forty Bucks. For the price of an eighth you'll get thirty days of access to my cannabis zoning research, which is expanding every week with the help of your contributions. This map represents around 1,000 hours of my labor and many technical hurdles that you can cost-effectively avoid.

Support This Research. Zoning is critically important to the cannabis industry. We need to visualize the effects of zoning decisions to help guide our advocacy, but we especially need maps to figure out if potential property may comply with local zoning ordinances and the 1,000 foot buffers established by I-502.

Mainly King County. The map contains most, but not all, I-502 buffers for King County, zoning for Seattle, Bellingham, Bainbridge Island, unincorporated King County, and unincorporated Snohomish County, and most local moratoria. Check the data page before assuming this map covers your area.

Map Legal Cannabis is now Canna Zoning. Please visit the Canna Zoning web site to view our Washington State cannabis zoning maps.