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Legal Cannabis Week #101

Oregon, Alaska and D.C. legalize cannabis

Goodness gracious, pot’s legal everywhere! Well, at least in the places I spend 99% of my time. They say Oregon now has the nation’s best legalization law, and Washington’s is a little bit sucky. It’s like how Oregon beaches are mostly public and super awesome and allow dogs, while Washington’s beaches pretty much suck and if you walk two miles some crotchety property owner will invariably threaten to call the cops on you like they really believe that kind of thing should be a priority for our limited law enforcement dollars.

Oregon voters legalized cannabis.

Alaska voters legalized cannabis.

Washington, DC voters legalized cannabis.

Florida voters failed to pass medical marijuana initiative by super-majority.

Guam voters legalized medical cannabis.

U.S. Virgin Islands voters approved a medical cannabis proposal.

South Portland, Maine voters approved a legalization initiative.

Sante Fe and Bernalillo County, New Mexico voters approved non-binding marijuana decriminalization measures.

Manitou Springs, Colorado voters rejected a proposal to ban pot shops.

Berkley, Huntington Woods, Mount Pleasant, Pleasant Ridge, Port Huron and Saginaw, Michigan voters passed marijuana decriminalization measures.

Gunnison, Colorado voters approved recreational and medical pot shops.

Federal Heights, Colorado voters approved medical marijuana dispensaries but rejected recreational shops.

Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado voters affirmed a ban on cannabis businesses.

Lakewood, Colorado voters banned retail cannabis shops.

Cathedral City, Desert Hot Springs and Coachella, California passed medical cannabis tax initiatives.

Santa Cruz, California voters approved a dispensary tax.

Santa Ana, California voters approved a city-sponsored measure to restrict dispensaries.

Lake County, California voters rejected two initiatives to loosen cannabis growing restrictions.

Shasta County, California voters banned outdoor cannabis cultivation.

La Mesa and Encinitas, California voters rejected proposals to allow medical cannabis dispensaries.

Butte County, California voters approved tighter restrictions on cannabis growing.

Nevada County, California voters rejected a medical marijuana cultivation measure.

State publishes, rescinds pot patient registry contract

An intrepid Legal Cannabis Week reader (thanks Brian!) pointed out a new contract added to Washington State’s online bidding system by the Department of Health to estimate the cost of creating a statewide medical cannabis patient database. I logged into the WEBS contracting system, downloaded the PDF attachments, and placed them on Scribd:

The contract and proposed legislation went up Tuesday, November 4. I posted the documents to Facebook on Thursday morning at 4 a.m. Just after 10 a.m. the entire proposal was removed from the state’s online contracting system. Correlation implies causation? This concerning episode leaves me asking — all bug-eyed and spastic from a hash oil dab — who’s excited for the upcoming legislative session?!

Seattle Center disallows Legal Cannabis Day celebration

Legal Cannabis Day is December 6. It is the day cannabis became legal (again) in America, back in 2012 in Washington State. To mark the occasion, hundreds of celebrants spontaneously gathered beneath the Space Needle — mistaking it for a giant bong — to partake of the now-legal flower.

In 2013, I was trying to answer the question “Where can a tourist legally consume cannabis in Seattle?” The frustrating answer was pretty much nowhere but a private residence. So I approached Seattle Center about creating a safe space for tourists to consume cannabis for a few hours of this one night of the year, and to allow me to freely associate with like-minded people without smoking weed on the Broad Street lawn in technical violation of the law.

I offered them a genuine solution to the harms I saw in a post-prohibition public pot smoking rally, and of course they told me hell no, are you joking? It is funny shit, to be sure, but it ain’t no joke, and after three or four months of legal limbo, I got a half page of new contract language for an outdoor cannabis consumption area. It was fairly epic even though it was what I expected after legalizing cannabis.

On Nov. 5, Seattle Center rejected my request to hold Legal Cannabis Day 2014 in a fully-compliant, fenced area inside a tent fitted with carbon air filters (provided by a sponsor). Seattle Center’s Campus Manager told me they are concerned about the smell of marijuana. “It’s a huge family time of year, and it’s a Saturday.”

Never mind the fact that alcohol is sold there. I can go to Winterfest and get shitfaced next to the Christmas train and little kids caroling, but the City won’t afford cannabis consumers this postage stamp of space among acres of public land that we have a legal right to use regardless of administrative contrarianism and controlling ways. Disappointing.

This year my life situation has changed, and I do not have the necessary energy nor capital to fight Seattle Center this round. Sadly, I must announce that Legal Cannabis Day 2014 will not happen with a permit.

Still, Legal Cannabis Day is December 6. Spread the word.

Sell your 502 company

Among the new hats I’m wearing this year, I am now a real estate broker. If you can buy property — like for real, not for fake — I can help find it. Feel free to ask every other broker first, and if nobody can help site your 502 retail shop despite ample purchase capital, ring me at 206-335-9214 or email

I have several clients who want to buy into cannabis companies. As I mentioned in LCW 97, the deal can work a few ways. Most buyers want to pay a flat fee for the business. The seller could keep an equity stake for a smaller up-front payment. If you’re super specific on what you want, I can shop that around and relay any feedback. I can almost certainly get you $15k for a tier 1, $25k for a tier 2, or $40k for a tier 3 producer/processor application.

Right now I am especially looking for tier 3 applicants interested in selling or partnering, as I have multiple motivated clients looking to close tier 3 production deals. I have other clients interested in retail lottery winners. Contact me at 206-335-9214 or and we can discuss what you want, what I got, etc.

Week in review

Once again this is the last two weeks.

Five thousand Texans marched in support of legalization.

Kansas For Change refiled a Wichita decriminalization initiative.

Faith Bodle incurred the wrath of her Texas church over medical cannabis advocacy.

Columbia, Missouri City Council rejected a bill to legalize personal home grows.

Montel Williams fundraised for Florida Amendment 2.

Arizona Court of Appeals decided unimpaired medical marijuana patients can face DUI charges.

Camas City Council banned I-502 businesses while Battle Ground City Council repealed its collective garden ban.

Seniors love marijuana.

Lane County, Oregon Board of Commissioners approved a cannabis tax ahead of a legalization vote.

Researchers debunked a study suggesting marijuana use lowers IQ.

Whatcom County pot shops earned $1.5 million since July.

Megan Stone designs dispensary interiors.

Key West Planning Board enacted a moratorium ahead of Florida’s medical marijuana vote.

Goldendale City Council heard testimony on its I-502 moratorium.

Howard Trapp plans to appeal his challenge of a Guamanian medical cannabis initiative to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Luis Lacalle Pou hopes to repeal much of Uruguay’s legalization law if elected.

Pennsylvania Senator Daylin Leach urged Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association members to stop prosecuting medical cannabis cases.

United Food and Commercial Workers International organizes cannabis industry workers in Washington State.

California Cannabis Coalition announced a petition to overturn Upland’s dispensary ban.

David Rice faces neighborly opposition to his San Juan Island pot farm.

Hilary Bricken outlined proposed rulemaking from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Conservative shadow PACs funded a pro-marijuana campaign to support a Libertarian candidate for North Carolina governor.

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley supports cannabis legalization.

Walla Walla City Council enacted cannabis zoning.

Spokane Valley Police Chief Rick VanLeuven reported an increase in marijuana DUI citations and suggested a new law allowing police to ticket youth for having marijuana on their breath would help his department.

Marijuana Policy Project PAC contributed $4,000 to a Republican candidate for Minnesota Governor.

Sheldon Adelson and John Morgan funded either side of Florida Amendment 2.

Utility companies power cannabis production.

MJ Freeway integrates with WSLCB reporting systems.

MetaBank closed hundreds of dispensary ATMs in Washington and Colorado.

ATM Delivery sells cannabis delivery, not cannabis.

CNN plans a pot shop reality show around Breckenridge Cannabis Club.

Weed Growth Fund purchased mostly with pot penny stocks backed by former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. At this point I feel like I’m just making this stuff up.

Cambridge, Massachusetts votes on cannabis advisory questions.

San Diego Narcotics Task Force suffered criticism for a vulgar t-shirt worn while raiding Marcus Boyd’s medical cannabis grow.

Professional football players consume cannabis.

Mount Calvary Christian Center sued Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop, the City of Seattle, and the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

Wena Coffman intends to defy a Goldendale moratorium and open Golden Dispensaries.

Karmel Roe intends to refile a poorly-worded San Bernadino dispensary initiative.

City of Seattle warned 330 medical cannabis dispensaries that they may be shut down if they don’t get a non-existent state license.

Hanford, California City Council banned medical cannabis cultivation and sales.

Phytalab sued Dr. Kaleb Lund, Lauren Hilty, James Baxter, Nick Brusatore, Erin Leary and Affinor Growers for allegedly stealing their I-502 testing lab secrets.

Legal cannabis rivals the profits of the National Football League, a federally tax-sheltered corporate conglomerate controlled by a few dozen wealthy oligarchs, come 2020.

CB Scientific released a cannabis edibles home testing kit.

Drug Enforcement Agency raided The Farmacy in Los Angeles.

Maureen Cooke opened Whidbey Island Cannabis Company.

King County Sheriff John Urquhart stands by his legalization advocacy.

First District Judge Jennifer Attrep ruled that Arizona officials are not required to ensure an adequate supply of medical cannabis.

Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that workers fired over medical cannabis deserve unemployment benefits.

Shara Smith-Widmer and David Widmer renovated a former restaurant for their Port Angeles pot shop The Green Flame.

Snoop Dogg canceled a Colorado cannabis candidate concert.

Clarkston City Council intends to vote on a cannabis sales ban.

Glenview, Illinois Board of Trustees rejected Julie Stone’s medical marijuana dispensary application.

Humboldt County Board of Supervisors limited medical cannabis grows to 200 square feet.

Judge Kimberly Mueller granted a hearing in US v Schweder to decided whether marijuana meets the test of a Schedule I substance under federal law.

Lebanese cannabis growers vowed to fight Islamic State militants.

Sammamish City Council banned I-502 businesses.

Cheryl Keil and Tony Smith vowed to keep their Cave Junction, Oregon dispensary open.

York County, Pennsylvania District Attorney Tom Kearney supports medical cannabis but won’t stop prosecuting pot patients.

Legal cannabis growers obtain seeds and starts via “immaculate conception.”

Jefferson County Department of Community Development produced recommendations on cannabis zoning.

Jeremy Daw reported on the US v Schweder evidentiary hearing to determine if cannabis qualifies as a Schedule I substance.

Clarkston City Council banned I-502 businesses.

Denver Police Department and Drug Enforcement Administration raided several cannabis grows.

Mr. Doobees opens in Raymond, the first I-502 store in Pacific County.

Advanced Cannabis Solutions sued Stephen Calandrella for allegedly causing their pot penny stock to be delisted by the SEC.

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board issued 67 pot penalties since May.

Maryland Medical Marijuana Commission delayed medical cannabis rules again.

Washington County, Oregon Board of Commissioners placed restrictions on medical cannabis dispensaries.

La Florida, Chile planted the country’s first medical cannabis crop.

Colorado college students consume cannabis.

Puyallup Police Department raided a pot grow and hash oil lab run by an I-502 applicant and allegedly British illegal alien in the deputy mayor’s rental house. Bastards stole the pilot episode of the new occupational reality TV show I’m pitching.

Kettle Falls Five face federal trial this December in Spokane.

Golden Dispensaries opened in Goldendale, a moratorium city.

Affinor Growers bought 49% of Good to Grow, a medical marijuana grower, dispensary, and I-502 applicant in Raymond, Washington.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog analyzed court filings in the Mount Calvary Christian Center vs. Uncle Ike’s case.

Tualatin, Oregon residents support legal cannabis, says city poll.

Marijuana Policy Project filed paperwork to start fundraising for a 2016 Arizona legalization initiative.

Clallam County Hearing Examiner Mark Nichols approved a conditional use permit for David Burns’ I-502 production facility.

Marcus Boyd suffered a police raid after a burglary.

Danbury, Connecticut considers banning medical cannabis businesses.

Snohomish County Council continued a ban on I-502 businesses in R-5 zoning.

UK Home Office issued a report saying drug penalization doesn’t curb use.

Salem, Oregon City Council ended its medical marijuana moratorium.

The Members Lounge hosted a children’s Halloween party at their Spokane cannabis club.

Washington, D.C. City Council discussed retail marijuana taxes ahead of a legalization vote.

Kirkland City Council enacted a marijuana odor law.

Edmonds School District Superintendent Nick Brossoit warned parents about an increase in school pot busts.

Jacob Sullum overviewed Washington State’s weed situation.

Medford, Oregon City Council taxed soon-to-be-legal cannabis.

Stevens Point, Wisconsin City Council decriminalized cannabis.

Illinois Department of Public Health opened the medical cannabis application process to patients with last names ending in M through Z.

Sante Fe County, New Mexico votes on a cannabis decriminalization advisory question.

New York entrepreneurs vie for one of five dispensary licenses.

Uruguay opened registration for cannabis cultivation clubs.

Denmark funded medical cannabis research.

UK Parliament debated drug policy — some of them did, at least — in light of new reports indicating prohibition has failed.

Mendocino Cannabis Policy Council met to discuss possible ballot language.

Kelly and Julie Jackson sued the City of Clarkston over its I-502 ban — and their lawyer dressed in a Jedi costume.

Kurt Jafay hopes to get a Clallam County conditional use permit to grow pot in an former school.

Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board licensed seven more Whatcom County pot businesses.

Virginia Department of Forensic Science discontinues misdemeanor marijuana testing.

Charlo Greene campaigned for legalization after quitting her TV reporting job while on air.

Food and Drug Administration stalls Kentucky cannabis oil trials.

Kesia Leatherbarrow’s family sued the UK government over the suicide of the teenager after she spent two nights in jail for pot possession.

Show-Me Cannabis plans to file a Missouri legalization initiative.

Detroit Lions punished C.J. Mosley for pot.

James and Anne Sulton received a conditional use permit for their Olympia pot shop, A Bud and Leaf.

Ben Kovler and Perry Mandera met with a neighborhood group to discuss their Illinois pot shop plans.

Seth Simpson and David Ahl sued the City of Bellevue over a 1,000-foot pot shop spacing requirement.

Barcelona increased the minimum age for cannabis club membership from 18 to 21.

Mount Calvary Christian Church lost a motion to immediately close Uncle Ike’s pot shop.

Loren Carlson opened Cannabis Country Store in Battle Ground.

Roger Roffman considers himself a former marijuana addict.

“Growing Hope” documents the fight to legalize low-THC medical cannabis.

Avon, Colorado Police Chief Robert Ticer spoke against legalization to a Virginia anti-drug group.

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board violated the Open Public Meetings Act seventeen times, a Thurston County judge ruled.

Safer Michigan Coalition spent $12,000 to qualify 11 local ballot measures.

Joy Graves and Raymond Martin fight charges stemming 13 pot plants in Grant County, Oregon.

Iowa Board of Pharmacy considers recommending cannabis rescheduling again.

Cheryl and David Fanelli refuse to vote on anything not pot-related, instead choosing to hang in their Colorado pot cafe and eat hash brownies.

Clallam County Planning Commission works on cannabis zoning regulations.

Mary Ellen Winborn intends to be restrictive on cannabis businesses as the new Clallam County Community Development Director.

Marijuana and gay marriage remap America’s politics.

Taunya Harris unveiled pot edibles at Altitude in Prosser.

City of Edgewood appealed the pot shop application for Butts Tobacco.

U.S. Rep. Andy Harris vowed to block DC’s legalization vote.

Internal Revenue Code 280E screws pot businesses on their taxes.

Summit Medical Compassion Center opens Rhode Island’s third and final dispensary.

Seattle University suspended a student who made pot brownies for local dispensaries.

Jake Lamont hope to open Evergreen Cannabis in Blaine by the end of November.

Cannabis contracts risk nonenforceability.

Oregon prosecutors promised to reconsider existing cannabis cases.

Oregon cities tax recreational cannabis, despite state law disallowing that.

James Blankenship opens Auburn’s first legal pot shop, The Stash Box, mid-month.

George Soros donated $50 million to the American Civil Liberties Union to fight mass incarceration.

Alison Holcomb — smoke a bowl! — retired her potential city council bid after accepting a job heading the ACLU’s new anti-incarceration campaign.

Clark County cannabis retailers brace for competition from Oregon pot shops.

A majority of Americans support cannabis legalization, Gallup poll reaffirms.

U.S. District Judge Michael W. Mosman stayed the sentencing of a cannabis convict after Oregon legalized cannabis.

St. Augustine City Commission considers cannabis zoning, despite the defeat of Florida’s Amendment 2.

Seattle struggles with medical cannabis businesses.

North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board announced California’s first environmental regulatory program targeting cannabis cultivators.

Rep. Joe Schmick, Sen. Mark Schoesler and Rep. Susan Fagan met with Franklin County elected officials to talk about cannabis.

Virginia NORML organized the Virginia Cannabis Conference.

Massachusetts Department of Pubic Health approved Boston’s first medical cannabis dispensary license.

Colorado hemp farmers store their seed this season.

Tacoma Marijuana Tour drives people to pot shops.

Worth repeating

“The medical people who came up to testify, Cheech and Chong could not have thought them up better.”

State Senator Mark Schoessler on Washington State medical cannabis advocates

“It was nearly impossible to have any kind of conversation with them that leads me to understand what it does for them.”

State Representative Susan Fagan on Washington State medical cannabis advocates

“I could personally foresee, if the revenue comes, we could possibly open it for growers. If there’s no revenue, I wouldn’t even discuss it any further.”

Franklin County Board of Commissioners Chairman Bob Koch on local desire for a slice of state pot taxes

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