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Legal Cannabis Week #122

I-502 grow space

I am a licensed broker and a number of people have asked me to pitch their property to potential pot growers. If you are interested in any of the following deals, please contact me at or 206-335-9214.

  • Bellingham 4,500sf warehouse for sale or lease, with additional 5,000sf parcel for new construction, comes with a Tier 2 producer-processor application, construction plans already drawn up, permits already filed, and lighting grants that could save hundreds of thousands, asking $850k.
  • Benton County acreage for lease, $.30 to 1.35/foot annually, depending on size and amenities. Power, water, gas available.
  • Gold Bar build to suit, owner will build 3,500-5,000sf warehouse with second floor possible, concrete floor, power, water, heat, asking $1.50/mo for first 3,500sf, $.65/mo above 3,500sf, build time 4-6 months.
  • Grant County house with land, 8 acres with a house and large garage wired for 28 lights, asking $380k.
  • Grays Harbor County former mill site, 5 acres with around 20,000sf of buildings that are covered but not enclosed completely, asking $425k with possible owner financing.
  • Okanagan County, owner will build to suit for $1.50/ft/mo, 6 months out, or raw land for much cheaper.
  • Skagit County farm for sale or lease, 20+ flood-prone acres zoned agricultural — which means plants must be grown in the ground, not in containers — includes house and several farm buildings that could be converted to processing space, asking $4,000 per month in rent, with sale possible.

If any of these interest you, contact me at 206-335-9214 or

Week in review: Washington

Dash and Jerrie Paine open Old Toby, Lewis County’s first legal pot shop, on April 20.

Diego Pellicer faces a federal subpoena, among other issues.

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a “friend of the court” brief in support of Colorado’s legalization law.

Tina Cox lost horribly her first year in I-502 production.

Washington State House Commerce and Gambling Committee nixed a proposed e-cigarette tax.

The Herbery opened its second Vancouver cannabis shop.

Green Leaf Recreation plans a 4/20 marijuana vendor fair at its Bellingham shop.

Washington State Senate Republicans released a proposed two-year budget reliant on $296 million in shifted pot taxes.

Stephen Anderson, Jacob Anderson and Colton Campbell face charges for mailing Washington cannabis to Kentucky.

Marco Hoffman confects Evergreen Herbal chocolate bars.

John Worthington settled a public records case against the Washington National Guard stemming from a 2007 multijurisdictional drug task marijuana raid.

Eric Buchanan opened Members Lounge, a private cannabis club in Spokane Valley.

Cannabis Country Store serves Battle Ground cannabis consumers.

Seth Farmer pled not guilty to charges of selling pot plants on Craigslist to a Kennewick, Washington detective.

Spokane Valley Deputy City Attorney Eric Lamb discussed state cannabis legislation with the city council.

Week in review: Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, D.C.

News related to the U.S. government is lumped here, because it happened in D.C. where pot’s now legal.

Oregon Liquor Control Commission fired Tom Burns, Director of Marijuana Programs, for allegedly leaking internal documents and lying about it.

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman responded to an anti-legalization lawsuit from Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Alaska credit unions wait to bank cannabis money.

Oregon Legisuture considers restricting recreational home grows to eight total plants.

President Obama discussed the drug war with David Simon, creator of HBO series The Wire.

Portland Medical Cannabis Club sued 420 Dank for control of a coveted corner.

Black people view D.C. legalization with mixed emotions.

The Daily Show covered Sugar Bob, a pot-eating deer from Oregon.

HighThere connects iPhone-enabled cannabis consumers.

Cannabis trademarks remain unenforceable, but pot-related applications are on the rise.

Dean Lari proposed a cannabis strain exchange in Haines, Alaska.

Alaska Senate passed a bill to increase the felony cannabis possession threshold to 16 ounces, among other things.

Rob Patridge chairs Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

Oregon Liquor Control Commission awarded NIC USA an $80,000 annual contract for a marijuana tax and licensing online portal.

Petersburg Borough Local Marijuana Regulation Advisory Committee met to discuss local implementation of Alaska’s legalization law.

Sue Sisley received Researcher of the Year honors at the National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference.

Oregon Legislature Joint Committee on Implementing Measure 91 discussed proposed reductions on medical cannabis grow numbers.

Gregg Rotundo offers marijuana tours for those on layover at Denver International Airport.

President Obama commuted prison sentences of 22 drug offenders.

National Cannabis Industry Association dropped Tommy Chong from its lobbying plans.

U.S. Reps. Bob Conyers, Dana Rohrabacher, Bill Nadler, Duncan Hunter, Zoe Lofgren, Richard Hanna, and Eleanor Holmes Norton co-sponsored the Compassionate Access, Research Expansion and Respect States Act.

Seth Crawford contends traditional farmers could supply the entire Oregon cannabis market on 35 acres.

Colorado General Assembly brainstorms ways to keep pot taxes they are constitutionally required to refund.

U.S. Patent and Trade Office issues cannabis patents, despite the trademark ban.

Colorado House Committee on Public Health Care and Human Services forwarded a bill to require pot shops post health warnings for pregnant women.

Colorado remains basically the same after legalization.

Cannabis cultivation coaching appears legal in Alaska.

Colorado remains basically the same after legalization.

Week in review: other states

Nestdrop crowdfunds for legal defense fees for the cannabis delivery phone app.

A Michigan father ate his daughter’s pot brownies and thought he was having a stroke.

Fresno, California Deputy Police Chief Keith Foster faces federal drug charges.

Fresno, California City Council approved the introduction of a bill to allow personal medical cannabis cultivation.

Kansas Rep. John Rubin expects a floor vote on a bill to lighten marijuana penalties.

Dr. Gina Berman filed an Arizona marijuana legalization, but is keeping mum.

Sioux Falls Police Department arrested two women with Colorado edibles at the airport.

Bill Levin founded the First Church of Cannabis after Indiana enacted a “religious freedom” law.

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero and Tommy Chong headline the Ann Arbor Hash Bash on April 4.

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit overturned a $250,000 award against Cambridge Police Department for murdering Andrew Cornish in a no-knock personal pot raid.

Arizonans for Responsible Legalization filed paperwork for an initiative to compete with Marijuana Policy Project.

Ryan Brooks Sr. and his family members face various charges for allegedly trafficking marijuana using a pizza parlor in St. Paul, Minnesota.

California pot growers suck streams dry, report says.

Desert Hot Springs, California Mayor Adam Sanchez cut the opening day ribbon for medical cannabis dispensary Sun Grow.

Five legalization proposals compete for viability in Ohio.

Pennsylvania House Judiciary and Health Committees met in joint session about a medical cannabis bill.

Florida entrepreneurs charged $199 a head to train and certify wannabe future budtenders.

Marijuana edibles risk life in prison for three Texas travelers.

New York stumbles down a restrictive medical marijuana path.

Woodrow George Powers, Patty Mowery, Theresa Morris and Eric Salerno sued Yuba County, California to stop a restrictive medical cannabis ordinance.

Idaho House State Affairs Committee killed a low-THC medical cannabis oil bill

Nebraska Legislature Judiciary Committee postponed a vote on a bill to legalize medical cannabis.

Meili Cady wrote a book about her experience couriering drugs between California and Ohio.

Amanda Conley hosts a women’s cannabis business group.

Maine Rep. Mark Dion introduced legislation to legalize cannabis.

Snoop Dogg smoked weed the entire Justin Bieber roast, claimed Martha Stewart.

University of Alabama dismissed Tyren Jones from its football program after a marijuana arrest.

Oklahomans for Health prepares for a cannabis legalization petition drive.

Florida Senate Health Policy Committee approved a bill to speed up the implementation process of low-THC medical cannabis dispensaries.

Black farmers object to Florida medical marijuana cultivation requirements that exclude all black farmers.

New Jersey Department of Health released a report showing 4,228 patients benefited from the state’s medical cannabis program.

Marijuana Policy Project threatened to “launch a series of actions to harm your business” after an Arizona dispensary operator filed a competing legalization initiative.

ResponsibleOhio annointed Capital Investment Group primary operator of a Toledo grow site if their initiative passes.

Jean Wabafiyebazu, teenage son of Canadian Consul General Roxanne Dube, died during a Miami drug deal gone bad.

Crooked cops stole $110,000 from Robert Kushner during his pot-selling college days.

West Virginia leads the nation in mood-altering drug use, poll says.

Brookline, Massachusetts Planning Board approved a medical cannabis dispensary plan from New England Treatment Access.

Tryke withdrew a zoning variance request for a Deer Valley, Arizona marijuana grow.

Westminster, California City Council studied medical marijuana dispensary options.

Tenille Farr delivered her fifth baby while on medical cannabis.

Week in review: international

Indian Member of Parliament Tathagata Satpathy admitted to smoking cannabis during a Reddit “Ask Me Anything.”

Daniel Holmes intends to file in the European Court of Human Rights over his nine-year pot imprisonment in Malta.

Drug Free Australia suggested cannabis plants are harvested 5 times per year to get over 5 pounds per plant.

Canada creates a legal patchwork by leaving medical cannabis up to the courts.

Two Norwegian teens face aggravated assault charges for serving pot cake at school.

Cannabis users recall false memories more often, study suggests.

Rabbis agree cannabis is kosher for Passover. Just make sure to light it from an already-burning candle.

Two Russian tourists face charges in Thailand for selling bongs online.

Worth repeating

“The typical view of some may be that law enforcement is totally against this but I think that it’s our duty as law enforcement to let the public set the level of tolerance, let the community set the level of tolerance, where they wanna be and how they wanna implement things.”

Petersburg, Alaska Police Chief Kelly Swihart on legalized cannabis

“We’re still in a dilemma.”

Washington National Guard Attorney Lieutenant Colonel Matt Cooper on settling a public records case with cannabis activist John Worthington

“Cannabis isn’t chametz, and you can quote me on that.”

Rabbi Efraim Zalmanovich on cannabis being kosher

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