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Legal Cannabis Week #124

Week in review: Washington

This is the last two weeks.

Roger Roffman chided the Washington State Legislature over plans to redirect marijuana education money.

Tacoma News Tribune chided the Washington State Legislature over plans to redirect marijuana education money.

Seattle Times chided the Washington State Legislature over plans to redirect marijuana education money.

Spokesman-Review chided the Washington State Legislature over plans to redirect marijuana education money.

Washington and Colorado legislators consider limits on home hash oil production.

Vancouver Weed Co. and Seven Greens proceed through the pot production permitting process in Pacific County.

Casey Craig and Josh Robbins convert a Skagit County chicken farm into a Tier 3 production facility.

Washington State Senate passed a bill to shift pot taxes away from drug prevention and lower the overall cannabis excise tax.

Marijuana trimmers trim marijuana.

Saranjit Bassi and Chris Crew sued to overturn Bonney Lake’s I-502 moratorium.

Washington cannabis retailers open at a snail’s pace.

Rainier City Council discussed extending a medical marijuana moratorium.

Privateer Holdings closed a $75 million Series B round.

Olympia City Council extended a medical marijuana moratorium.

David Kois constructs a cannabis production facility in Centralia.

Spokane County cannabis sales increased in March.

Tacoma News Tribune supports a ban on home hash oil production using explosive gases.

Federal Way City Council banned recreational marijuana businesses under threat of mayoral veto.

Senate Bill 5052 allowed Washington adults to home grow six cannabis plants — before that part was removed.

Sea of Green Farms burned completely in what Seattle Fire Department attributed to faulty wiring.

Longview Mayor Don Jensen wants I-502 tax money for cities.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms found firearms, ammunition and hash oil at Burk Aaron Thomas’s Spokane Valley home.

Green Valley Collective canceled a marijuana Easter egg hunt.

Washington House of Representatives passed a bill to modify marijuana taxes and give cities and counties a cut.

Scott Masengill struggles to sell his I-502 crop.

Bruce Barcott authored a book on legalization.

Centralia Timberland Library presents a marijuana legalization program April 25.

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board employs secret shoppers to verify potency testing.

Cannabis Central sells cannabis in Ellensburg.

Washington State Legislature passed a medical cannabis research licensing bill.

Sunnyside City Council placed its marijuana moratorium up for advisory vote.

Tonia Winchester discussed the I-502 campaign at the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities conference.

Washington State Legislature overhauled the state’s medical cannabis laws.

Willamette Week visited six Portland-area Washington pot shops.

Golden Dispensaries nears the $10,000 monthly sales mark. Interesting enough for the local blog.

Isaac Curtis organized Washington cannabis workers.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee hinted that he might make some line-item vetoes on medical cannabis legislation.

Snohomish County Council delayed a decision on cannabis zoning.

Washington State House of Representatives passed a bill to eliminate all municipal I-502 moratoriums and require voter approval of future bans.

Renton Mayor Dennis Law and Kirkland Mayor Amy Walen want I-502 tax money for cities.

Hugh Newmark, Kirk Ludden and fourteen other activists co-sponsored a medical cannabis initiative.

Island County officials complained about a proposal to give local governments *just* 6% of pot taxes.

Week in review: Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, D.C.

News related to the U.S. government is lumped here, because it happened in D.C. where pot’s now legal.

National Institute on Drug Abuse admitted cannabis kills certain cancer cells.

US Department of Justice intends to prosecute medical cannabis cases despite a Congressional ban.

Pendleton, Oregon Planning Commission drafted proposed cannabis rules.

Sean Roby created a website for pot-friendly lodging.

Colorado Rep. Jonathan Singer discussed cannabis with the Denver Post.

Redmond, Oregon City Council discussed cannabis zoning.

NoCo Hemp Expo happened in Loveland, Colorado, and the Larimer County Sheriff threatened to shut it down if viable hemp seeds were present.

Dr. Patrick Fasusi authorized over one-third of D.C. medical cannabis patients.

U.S. Rep Scott Tipton said Congress doesn’t have the appetite to deal with marijuana banking right now.

Colorado companies transport cannabis cargo.

Third Annual Medical Cannabis Unity Conference happened in D.C.

PureVision Technology announced plans for a hemp processing facility.

U.S. Reps. Sam Farr and Dana Rohrbacher challenged Attorney General Eric Holder on continued medical cannabis prosecutions.

U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s staff discouraged D.C. cannabis and statehood activists.

Amsterdam Falafelshop created a pot pairing menu.

Colorado House Judiciary Committee passed a ban on explosive home hash oil production.

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden and Rep. Earl Blumenauer intend to introduce federal legislation to allow standard tax deductions to cannabis businesses.

Oregon Liquor Control Commission asked for authority to delay marijuana edibles licensing until 2017.

MBank dropped its marijuana banking accounts.

Denver businesses expects an influx of 4/20 tourists.

Colorado House Judiciary Committee passed a bill to allow medical cannabis use on probation.

Grant County, Oregon District Attorney Jim Carpenter dismissed marijuana cases against Joy Graves, Raymond Martin, and Kenny Walters.

MassRoots went public.

Colorado cannabis retailers sold a record $39 million in February.

Financial institutions filed over 3,000 marijuana Suspicious Activity Reports in 2014, records request reveals.

Colorado Board of Health considers adding post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of medical marijuana conditions.

Le’Or hosted a cannabis Seder in Portland, Oregon.

Colorado Senate approved a bill to restrict medical cannabis caregivers.

Oregon Poison Center reported few children being treated for accidental marijuana ingestion.

Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division nixed free samples at the Denver Cannabis Cup

D.C. City Council passed bills to disallow pre-employment marijuana screening and to increase the number of marijuana plants licensed patients may grow.

Oregon lawmakers consider allowing recreational cannabis consumers to buy from medical dispensaries.

Marijuana and D.C. statehood activists chained themselves to a liberty pole at 4:20 a.m. on tax day.

Alaska House of Representatives passed a bill to create a Marijuana Control Board.

Legal cannabis supporters changed their minds more, survey says.

Blooming Deal plans to open Beaverton, Oregon’s first medical cannabis dispensary.

President Barack Obama reiterated his support for medical cannabis.

An alleged murderer hounded his Portland, Oregon victims for medical cannabis, lawyer says.

Colorado Senate State, Veteran’s and Military Affairs Committee forwarded a medical cannabis testing bill.

U.S. House Oversight Committee expressed no confidence in DEA head Michele Leonhart.

Colorado Department of Transportation hotboxed two anti-DUI campaign vehicles.

Scott Denholm sells RFID tags for every legal pot plant in Colorado.

Alaska Senate Finance Committee moved a bill to create a marijuana control board.

Week in review: other states

Missouri House of Representatives General Laws Committee passed a medical cannabis bill.

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration raided a hash oil production facility in Poway, California.

Idaho House State Affairs Committee passed a low-THC medical cannabis oil bill.

Robert Kushner lost his basketball coaching job after testifying against six allegedly-crooked Philadelphia drug cops.

Livermore, California Police Department raided Tree of Life medical marijuana collective.

Northwest Virginia Drug Task Force arrested five people mostly for allegedly accepting pot packages through USPS.

Luther Jeffries faces grand larceny charges for allegedly stealing $19,790 nine years ago, and was caught because of his recent pot penny stock promotions.

Jeremy Bufford offered $1-2 per signature for a Mississippi legalization initiative.

Florida Administrative Law Judge Elizabeth McArthur dismissed one lawsuit challenging the state’s proposed low-THC medical cannabis rules.

Dominic Sergi, Rob Sampson, Joe Caltabiano, and Charles Bachtell operate Cresco Labs, the winningest cannabis company in Illinois.

BudGenius acquired licensing rights to a number of pot-related Tommy Chong products.

SaintPetersBlog in-depthed the Florida medical cannabis situation.

Former cops secure now-legal pot businesses.

Michigan Rep. Jeff Irwin announced plans to introduce a cannabis legalization bill.

Fauquier, Virginia High School Principal Clarence Burton III censored a story about hash oil dabbing.

Vermont farmers grow hemp, or try to.

Ryan Bailey faces charges from allegedly mailing cannabis from Colorado to Chicago.

Quinnipiac University Poll found a majority of Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania voters support legal cannabis.

Navajo Nation Health, Education and Human Services Committee re-affirmed a cannabis ban on tribal land.

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation licensed two HealthCentral dispensaries in Springfield and Collinsville.

Minnesota NORML launched a campaign to make cannabis the lowest law enforcement priority in Minneapolis.

Connecticut General Assembly Judiciary Committee forwarded a bill to expand the state’s medical cannabis program to children.

Collective Patient Resources donated $5,000 to Friends of Calveras County Sheriff.

Jesse Roepcke faces four charges after allegedly shining a laser pointer at drivers and getting caught with pot in his butt.

Arizona Supreme Court approved medical cannabis on probation.

Bessemer, Michigan City Council heard complaints about a medical cannabis grow.

Hesperia, California City Council banned commercial cannabis cultivation.

Massachusetts Public Health Commissioner Dr. Monica Bharel announced a streamlined medical cannabis dispensary process amid a $1 million deficit.

Indiana Senate passed an industrial hemp bill.

Charles Lynch moved to stop federal prosecutors from spending money on his medical cannabis prosecution.

Carnegie-Knight News21 Initiative selected cannabis legalization as it’s 2015 topic.

California Board of Equalization members toured pot grows in Humboldt County.

Y Combinator graduated a medical cannabis delivery app.

Michigan Cannabis Coalition intends to submit legalization ballot language soon.

Texas House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence heard testimony on three cannabis bills.

National Tribal Cannabis Association formed in March.

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City president Esther George met with cannabis business representatives.

Los Angeles closed 500 dispensaries, yet more exist.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt sued to overturn Topeka’s voter-approved cannabis decriminalization law.

National Football League suspended Le’Veon Bell after a marijuana arrest last August.

Michigan Cannabis Coalition submitted draft legalization initiative language.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery apologized to Vietnam veteran Don Ream for calling him “an enemy” at a marijuana debate.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo issued cease and desist orders to Medimarts and All American Cannabis Club.

Progressive Treatment Solutions converted an East Saint Louis, Illinois telco building into medical cannabis grow space.

Stamford, Connecticut Zoning Board drafts medical cannabis dispensary zoning.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner opposes extending the state’s medical cannabis pilot program past 2017 just yet.

American Academy of Neurology released a study on a CBD extract from GW Pharmaceuticals.

Wisconsin Rep. Melissa Sargent introduced a cannabis legalization bill.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery apologized to Vietnam veteran Don Ream for calling him “an enemy” at a marijuana debate.

Nebraska Legislature considers two low-THC medical cannabis bills.

David Knowlton struggles to find attorneys to represent him against medical marijuana union-busting claims.

Andrew James died unexpectedly April 9 in Kenilworth, Illinois.

Tennessee General Assembly approved a low-THC medical cannabis oil bill.

Snoop Dogg invested in marijuana delivery startup Eaze.

California Water Resources Control Board released cannabis pest management guidelines.

David Bastos optioned a Toledo grow site in case Ohio legalizes cannabis.

Quinnipiac University Poll found a majority of Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania voters support legal cannabis.

Lisa Miller lobbies Florida Legislature to authorize research on medical cannabis for pets.

Shawn Taylor received 7.5 years in prison for a Michigan medical marijuana operation.

Emerald Growers Association lobbies California State Legislature for cannabis regulation.

Hawaii Senate approved a medical cannabis dispensary bill.

California activists filed cannabis legalization initiatives.

Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell assured residents they can import CBD products without fear.

Georgia families risk interstate trafficking to obtain now-legal medical cannabis oil.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie intends to “crack down” on state-legal cannabis if elected president.

Iowa Senate approved a medical cannabis bill.

United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 152 withdrew a National Labor Relations Board petition to unionize a New Jersey medical cannabis dispensary.

Vermont Reps. Chris Pearson and Jean O’Sullivan sponsored a bill to ban alcohol sales until cannabis is legal.

U.S. District Judge Kimberly Mueller declined to remove marijuana from the federal government’s Schedule I classification.

Maine Legislature Education Committee heard public testimony on a bill to accommodate medical cannabis in schools.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed low-THC medical cannabis legislation.

Bob Morgan announced his resignation as Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Project Coordinator.

Angela Brown signed an agreement to dismiss child endangerment charges stemming from her epileptic son’s cannabis oil treatment.

Idaho Governor Butch Otter vetoed low-THC medical cannabis oil legislation.

Calaveras County, California Board of Supervisors declined to work on medical cannabis zoning.

Bay State Repeal submitted draft language for a Massachusetts legalization initiative.

San Jose Mercury News called on President Obama to stop California cannabis prosecutions.

U.S. District Judge Kimberly Mueller explained her declination to remove marijuana from the federal government’s Schedule I classification.

Marijuana Policy Project filed a proposed Arizona legalization initiative.

Kansas Child Protective Services kidnapped Shona Banda’s son after he defended medical cannabis in class.

Weedmaps donated $2 million to California legalization efforts.

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam hinted he will sign a low-THC medical cannabis oil bill.

Week in review: international

Yvonne MacLean runs for UK Parliament on the Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol Party ticket.

Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services held a medical cannabis implementation meeting.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police raided medical cannabis dispensary Phoenix Pain Management Society in Parksville, British Columbia.

Parliament of Australia Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee heard testimony on a medical cannabis bill.

E-njoint created pot-flavored e-cigarette juice.

Daya Foundation harvested Chile’s first legal medical cannabis.

Health Committee of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile approved a bill to legalize cannabis possession and home production.

Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly Standing Committee on Health, Ageing, Community and Social Services heard public testimony on a medical cannabis bill.

President Obama fielded a marijuana question in Jamaica.

Andre du Plessis distributed cannabis seeds at a South African government-hosted cannabis conference.

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research released preliminary results suggesting cannabis may delay some cancer development.

A Canadian penny stock company bought a majority interest in a management company that runs a nonprofit Sante Fe medical cannabis producer.

Northern Mariana Islands Senate heard public testimony on cannabis legalization.

Jamaica downgraded pot possession to a $5 ticket.

U.S. Virgin Islands Senator Terrance Nelson visited Washington and Colorado to research cannabis legalization.

Sheba Academic Medical Center partnered with a medical cannabis research company in a multiple myeloma study.

Lynda Balneaves and Rielle Capler study how patients access medical cannabis in Canada.

Canadian Conservatives for Legal Marijuana posted billboards in Ottawa.

Worth repeating

“It gives us the clarity we need to usher the 103 or so dispensaries we know of into legitimacy or into a new line of work.”

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes on a legislative overhaul to Washington State’s medical cannabis law

“This bill is devastating. We had the best medical law in the country and we’ve lost that.”

Best Buds Collective Garden owner Hugh Newmark on a legislative overhaul to Washington State’s medical cannabis law

“I will pledge right now, that whatever comes out of that ballot, that’s how I will vote. I will vote the will of the people.”

Sunnyside City Council member Spencer Martin on an I-502 moratorium advisory vote

“We’re seeing strengths here that you don’t see anywhere else in the world, which is impossible. It’s a plant. It’s going to do what a plant does. We need to get control over what’s happening that should not be happening.”

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board I-502 Project Manager Randy Simmons on remarkably high THC test results in Washington State’s recreational cannabis market

“I don’t know whatever it was he was doing, but I support him.”

D.C. cannabis activist Richard Burns on a postal worker who landed a gyrocopter on the U.S. Capitol lawn to deliver campaign finance reform letters to Congress

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