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Legal Cannabis Week #126

Week in review: Washington

American Association of Poison Control Centers issued a warning about synthetic cannabis products. Avoid fake pot like the plague.

Attorneys advise cannabis entrepreneurs.

Kittitas County Community Development Services Department approved an administrative conditional use permit for Old McDonald’s Farm.

The Columbian requested the federal government reschedule cannabis.

Vancouver City Council voted to hold a public hearing on marijuana dispensary regulations.

Hemp legislation stalled after getting more complex and costly.

Shaggy Tewsak spins a red arrow outside Royal’s Cannabis in Spokane.

Washington State Legislature approved a bill to allow tribal cannabis into the I-502 market.

Sunnyside City Council banned cannabis businesses.

Shy Sadis hopes his medical cannabis shops will be allowed to transition to I-502.

Medical cannabis activists screwed themselves, perhaps.

Washington State Legislature considers pot tax legislation.

Jeff Frias opened The Herbal Center, Tenino’s first recreational cannabis store.

A few Benton County residents complained about a potential legal cannabis grow.

Clark County Board of Health banned electronic vaporizer use in public places.

Week in review: Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, D.C.

News related to the U.S. government is lumped here, because it happened in D.C. where pot’s now legal.

Denver Police Department raided two cannabis lounges on 4/20 weekend.

Jerry Chen discussed a proposed pot grow with locals in Lakeview, Oregon.

Oregon Department of Energy considers cannabis production power consumption.

Oregon legislators introduced a bill to limit the size of medical cannabis grows.

FOX31 Denver undercovered several dispensaries trying to get their credit card processing canceled. Slow news day in the dickhead department?

Ezra Pryor collected enough signatures to create a cannabis division within the American Chemical Society.

Loretta Lynch became U.S. Attorney General.

Denver Department of Environmental Health quarantined 60,000 plants over concerns the grower used Eagle 20 pesticide.

Klamath County, Oregon Board of Commissioners extended a medical marijuana moratorium.

National Cannabis Industry Association lobbied Congress.

Arcview Group met in D.C.

U.S. Reps. Ed Perlmutter and Denny Heck introduced a bill to allow cannabis banking.

Oregon Legislature Joint Committee on Implementing Measure 91 delayed action on a bill to limit the size of medical cannabis grows.

Medford, Oregon Police Department considers retiring it’s pot-sniffing dogs.

Alaska Alcoholic Beverage Control Board defined “public places.”

U.S. House of Representatives rejected a proposal to allow Veteran’s Administration doctors to discuss medical cannabis with veterans.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper warmed to cannabis since legalization.

Privateer Holdings hired Anna Richter Taylor to introduce the company to Oregon journalists.

Week in review: other states

Mariam Crow and Kathleen Stitzlein invented a roadside marijuana saliva test.

Cape Cod Cannabis Convention hits Yarmouth, Massachusetts May 2.

Entrepreneurs await Missouri’s entrance into the medical cannabis market.

Jason Miskiri pled guilty to conspiracy to distribute over 1,000 kilograms of cannabis.

Billings Police Department blamed an apartment explosion on hash oil production.

Gateway drug theorists continue their tired, unfounded rhetoric.

Nevada lawmakers toured Colorado cannabis businesses.

Willie Nelson feared cannabis back in the day.

San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener intends to introduce legislation creating a cannabis legalization task force.

Shane Ray faces marijuana charges heading up the the NFL draft.

East Lansing, Michigan votes on cannabis decriminalization May 5.

Shona Banda fights to regain custody of her Kansas-kidnapped son.

Michigan voters support cannabis legalization, poll says.

Rhode Island voters support cannabis legalization, poll says.

Jalen Collins failed multiple drug tests at Louisiana State University, NFL draft reporter reveals.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Compliance Team investigates cannabis grows.

New York Department of Health opened the $210,000 application process for medical cannabis producers.

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that pot-searching police must determine the grower isn’t a registered patient first.

Texas House of Representatives Committee on Public Health heard testimony on a low-THC medical cannabis oil bill.

Maine Secretary of State approved a cannabis legalization initiative for circulation.

Suffolk, Massachusetts Superior Court Judge Mitchell Kaplan ruled state regulators must license Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts.

American Civil Liberties Union of Rhode Island intends to sue an employer that refuses to hire medical cannabis patients.

United For Care relaunched its campaign to legalize medical cannabis in Florida.

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam intends to sign a low-THC medical cannabis oil bill.

Oklahoma Legislature approved a low-THC medical cannabis oil bill.

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts equates medical cannabis with the abuse of Chinese lab-synthesized drugs.

Iowa Rep. Kraig Paulsen vowed to kill medical cannabis legislation.

Yuba Patient’s Coalition served recall papers on County Supervisor Andy Vasquez.

An anonymous general manager estimates nearly 40% of NFL draftees consume cannabis.

Ultimate Fighting Championship stripped Jon Jones of his title after a hit-and-run accident in which police allegedly found marijuana.

Marijuana Party of Nebraska hosts a marijuana march.

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 75 endorsed ResponsibleOhio’s legalization initiative.

Louisiana Senate Health and Welfare Committee passed a medical cannabis bill.

Rolling Bay, Illinois City Council created a municipal marijuana adjudication process after Cook County announced it would no longer prosecute minor pot offenses.

Hawaii legislators postponed a medical cannabis dispensary vote.

Delaware Senator Ernie Lopez introduced a bill to allow low-THC cannabis oil for kids.

Minnesota Department of Health approved two cannabis testing labs.

Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee debated a cannabis legalization bill.

Michigan House Judiciary Committee opened hearings on two medical cannabis bills.

Curative Health donated $20,000 to Bloomington, Illinois to help at-risk youth.

Facebook disabled the account of account Crain’s New York Business after the publication promoted a pot story.

Vallejo, California City Council voted to reject voter-approved cannabis tax payments.

Activists protested an Alabama senator holding up a medical cannabis bill.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed a low-THC medical cannabis oil research bill into law.

Berkeley, California ordered Forty Acres Medical Marijuana Growers Collective to close.

John Doe 1-8 sued York, Maine over a municipal marijuana licensing law.

California Assembly passed a bill to stop denying organ transplants to medical cannabis patients.

New Mexico District Judge David Thomson overturned a requirement that patients exhaust standard treatments before using medical cannabis

Week in review: international

Jamaica Intellectual Property Office considers fifteen marijuana patent and trademark applications.

Canadian Health Minister Rona Ambrose called on Vancover to close all medical cannabis dispensaries.

Patrick Bowler and Gregory Timewell returned to New Zealand after U.S. prison stints for marijuana smuggling that were shortened by becoming federal informants.

Vital Alternative Healing Association and Black Crow Herbal dispense medical cannabis in Kelowna, British Columbia.

HM Prison Altcourse hired cherry pickers to retrieve packages of pot, heroin and legal highs hurled onto the Liverpool prison roof.

Victoria, Australia Supreme Court Justice Tim Stanley dismissed cannabis cultivation charges against Graham Rockford over shoddy police work.

National Post encouraged Canada to let Vancouver regulate cannabis dispensaries.

Wayne Robillard opened a cannabis lounge in Ottawa.

CISTA fields thirty-two pro-cannabis candidates across the United Kingdom.

Hanover Hemp and Ganja Farmers Co-operative worries foreign companies will take over Jamaica’s legal cannabis industry.

College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia published new standards that prohibit medical cannabis prescriptions for patients under age 25.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation investigated several Vancouver dispensary operators.

Mardi Grass occurs in Nimbin, Australia May 2-3.

Canadian Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney and Health Minister Rona Ambrose demanded Vancouver police enforce the country’s anti-marijuana laws.

Victoria, BC watches Vancouver’s medical cannabis dispensary plans with interest.

Chinese chemists produce near-pure “legal high” synthetic drugs that you should avoid like Chinese meth.

Worth repeating

“It’s important to understand that through all the years I worked on this, there’s not been a single medical marijuana community. It’s been very divisive. It’s difficult to make a comment about ‘the medical marijuana community,’ because they are not all together. Even those who are good actors aren’t all together.”

Washington Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles on the medical marijuana community

“Their entire budget is predicated on the idea that 7 million people in Washington need to smoke a lot of pot. I’m decidedly unenthusiastic about that budget principle.”

Washington Representative Reuven Carlyle on a proposed state budget

“When I was younger, I smoked it. I inhaled it. And I enjoyed it. And I’m old enough to do it again.”

Nevada Senator Tick Segerblom on considering a cannabis purchase in Colorado

“I was a hick from Abbott. I’d seen ‘Reefer Madness,’ and I was a little worried that a little pot might get me crazy. Wasn’t I crazy enough?”

Willie Nelson on his initial view of cannabis

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