Legal Cannabis Week #50

Overflow crowd packs state medical cannabis hearing

The state hearing on proposed rules to all-but-eliminate Washington’s voter-enacted medical pot law was a raucous affair. TVW has video. Here are some interesting time marks:

The state received 859 written comments. These are the top five

  • 362 – Allow for patient home growing
  • 237 – Leave alone the medical cannabis law
  • 126 – Allow for collective gardens and access points
  • 126 – Recommended patient possession limits are too low
  • 96 – Medical and recreational cannabis should be legally separated

Here’s some news coverage:

Crowd gets rowdy at heated medical marijuana hearing
NOV 13 | KING 5 News

Hundreds attend rowdy hearing about medical marijuana
NOV 14 | KIRO 7 News

Remember the legislative hotline: 800-562-6000.

Legal pot licensing window opens Monday

This Monday, November 18, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board starts accepting applications for legal pot business licenses. The initial application period will last for one month, through December 19.

Jim Camden from the Spokesman-Review covers eastern Washington pot business hopefuls including Sam Calvert and an unnamed farmer:

State taking applications for marijuana licenses starting Monday
NOV 16 | Spokesman-Review

And Nina Shapiro iliads the same topic, single-handedly holding down the Seattle Weekly content department with epic pot prose, like a tokin’ Tolstoy. Featured entrepreneurs include Shy Sadis, Derek AndersonAlex CooleyMolly PoisetEd Stremlow, Lara Taubner, Randall Oliver, Brenton Dawber, and John Brown.

Going to Pot
NOV 12 | Seattle Weekly

State releases list of approved pesticides

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board released a list of products approved for use in cannabis production. I wrote about this issue last March:

What Bug Sprays Are Safe to Smoke?
MAR 27 | The Stranger

Since then, the state Department of Agriculture has registered over 200 commercial products for use on Washington weed. Those products are listed in the PICOL database maintained by WSU. There is a video tutorial on finding approved cannabis products.

The list includes common pot production products containing indole-3-butyric acid (for rooting clones), neem oil, azadirachtin (extracted from neem), pyrethrins, mineral oil, herbal extracts (peppermint, clove, garlic, rosemary, corn, etc), sulfer, potassium bicarbonate, citric acid, iron phosphate, and Bacillus bacteria, among others.

Seattle Center permits pot party

I’ve been asked numerous times by visiting stoners where they can safely smoke weed downtown, and I’ve never really had a good answer. At the end of Pike Place Market where everyone else is smoking weed? I don’t know! And I’ve asked around, and most people laugh and say something like, are you kidding me? There’s people smoking pot on practically every corner in this god-foresaken city. What do you mean where can you smoke pot?

But the point is that they don’t want to be those people smoking on the corner. They want to be respectful. They want to feel comfortable. They want to comply with the law. So, frustrated by my lack of an acceptable honest answer to this question, I set about to create a space where, for one day of the year at least, tourists could come to our fair city and consume cannabis in full compliance with state and local law—out of public view, in a safe environment, free of fear.

In August when I approached the Seattle Center about hosting an I-502 anniversary celebration on December 6 with city-permitted on-site cannabis consumption, the answer was, perhaps not surprisingly, you have got to be joking—no way. But I was not joking, and pursued the matter for months, becoming part of a “broader discussion” the city was having about hookah lounges, cannabis clubs, and pot smoking tents at events.

And I was extremely pleased when Seattle Center finally agreed to let the show go on with a number of precautions taken to allay their cannabis concerns—like double-fencing to create an eight-foot “moat” to buffer the pot party.

You Can’t Smoke It in Public
NOV 13 | The Stranger

As with most grand holiday parties, the expenses started mounting. We’re talking about Seattle in December; we absolutely need canopies for rain cover. We should definitely have a stage and some music. Light food is always a good idea at a pot party. And union labor at Seattle Center can add up real quick. All told I expect the event to cost around $7,500.

Thankfully, the kind folks at Canna Law Group agreed to kick down two grand, which will cover the up-front costs for Seattle Center, and guarantee the event is officially authorized by the city. This is historic, the first time ever such an event has been sanctioned at Seattle Center. Because no matter how many years you’ve been smoking weed at Folklife, you’re still engaging in civil disobedience.

But we still need to pay for fencing, privacy screening, insurance, canopies, tables, chairs, caterer, stage, sound, and entertainment. So I’m reaching out for help in funding the 2013 Legal Cannabis Day Celebration at Seattle Center. We have table space for around ten vendors who want to be part of the permitted pot party and can kick down $300.

Buy a table at the Dec. 6 Seattle Center Legal Pot Day Celebration

If you’re interested in sponsorship, or have other questions, call me at 206-335-9214. I invite you to be a part of this historythis sea change in cannabis policy—and deeply appreciate your support.

Zoning map updates

Map Legal Cannabis has contained a few dozen moratoriums for a while now, and I finally added them to the data page. Additionally, I realized that unincorporated Snohomish County zoning included several incorporated cities, conveniently marked “City” zoning, that should not be in there. I’ve made the following corrections:

  • Darrington erroneous zoning removed
  • Gold Bar erroneous zoning removed
  • Granite Falls erroneous zoning removed
  • Index erroneous zoning removed
  • Sultan erroneous zoning removed

Snohomish County Commission enacted cannabis zoning on Wednesday, and it changed slightly from the draft ordinance. See the hearing video. Read the original bill, plus amendments one, two, and three to get the official piecemeal picture. The gist:

  • Existing medical dispensaries and collective gardens are permitted through December 31, 2015
  • Medical dispensaries and collective gardens removed from R-5 zoning (was administrative conditional use)
  • I-502 processing permitted in R-5 zoning (was administrative conditional use)
  • Medical dispensaries, collective gardens, and I-502 retail permitted in CRC zoning

I updated the map with the CRC retail zoning, which is only two patches along Highway 9 near the Clearview community.  The R-5 processor zoning was already green on the map.

Added the following moratoria:

Also removed Puget Park in West Seattle from the buffer layer, as the city lists it as having only trails. Remember to check the data page before subscribing.

Upcoming events

Remember to verify meeting dates. Add this free data to your Google calendar, link directly to the ICAL, XML, or HTML formats, or get embed code for your own web site. Get in touch if you want permission to add calendar events, or just email individual events to

Kittitas County Cannabis Zoning Hearing
MON NOV 18 @10AM | Kittitas County Courthouse

Mountlake Terrance Cannabis Zoning Hearing
MON NOV 18 @7PM | Mountlake Terrace City Hall

Association of Washington Growers and Breeders Meeting
WED NOV 20 @8PM (WEEKLY) | West Seattle Legion Hall

CWU Panel: The Impact of I-502
THU NOV 21 @5:30PM | McCaw Hall, Seattle Center

Medical Cannabis Lobby Days
THU NOV 21-22 | Washington State Capitol

Legislative Hearing on I-502 Implementation
FRI NOV 22 @1:30PM | O’Brien Building, Capital Campus

King County Cannabis Zoning Hearing
MON DEC 2 @1:30PM | King County Courthouse

Longview Cannabis Zoning Hearing
WED DEC 4 @7PM | Longview City Hall

I-502 Anniversary Celebration
FRI DEC 6 @4:20PM | Next 50 Plaza, Seattle Center

WSLCB Hearing: Pot Ban in Bars and Clubs
WED DEC 11 @10AM | WSCLB Headquarters

Week in review

Vashon Island Marijuana Entrepreneurs Alliance connects the island cannabis industry.

Cannabis follows alcohol’s path. Remember medicinal alcohol?

Quincy City Council enacted an I-502 moratorium last week.

Pierce County Council enacted an I-502 moratorium last week.

African Americans face much higher arrest rates in Maryland.

Prairie Plant Systems shipped the first pot under Canada’s new medical cannabis rules.

Prairie Plant Systems lobbies for pharmacy pot in Michigan.

Michigan Senate passed a pharmacy pot bill.

Proposed medical pot recommendations harm military veterans.

Island County Commission postponed an I-502 moratorium for the second time.

Arlington City Council enacted an I-502 moratorium.

Frits Bolkestein pushes for legal pot growing in The Netherlands.

Four defendants face charges of torturing and sexually mutilating a California dispensary owner.

Columbia City Councilwoman Barbara Hoppe asked staff to draft a bill lowering penalties for pot growing in the Missouri city, after Dan Viets asked them to do so in the public comment portion of the council’s regular meeting.

Tacoma News Tribune advocates legislative action against medical cannabis dispensaries.

Cannabis consultants sprout like weeds.

Will Godfrey reports on the recent International Drug Policy Reform Conference.

Czech pot supporters protested nationwide raids on grow shops.

Miley Cyrus smoked a joint onstage at a music awards show in Amsterdam.

THC blood tests comprise 42% of the state toxicology lab’s work, up 15% from last year, cop says.

Henry Wykowski advises treating an IRS audit like a police encounter where you STFU.

Portland considers its brand in light of becoming the first east coast city to vote for legal pot.

Massachusetts hospitals fear federal funding loss over medical cannabis.

NAACP resolved to support legalized cannabis.

Nina Shapiro profiles several local legal pot entrepreneurs.

Washington State Liquor Control Board sleuths for hidden ownership in pot businesses.

Washington State Liquor Control Board accepts legal pot license applications starting Monday.

U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag continues medical pot prosecutions, despite recent ganja guidance from her boss.

NORML endorsed a Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate.

Snohomish City Council enacted an I-502 moratorium.

Lakewood City Council considers cannabis zoning.

Oroville City Council discussed cannabis zoning.

Moses Lake City Council enacted cannabis zoning.

Seattle Center permits cannabis consumption for the first time ever on Legal Cannabis Day.

Get Elevated sells cannabis tours in Colorado.

Survey says pot use shouldn’t get you fired.

Moms for Marijuana demands an end to government kidnappings over cannabis.

L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer sued another dispensary he says is non-compliant with voter-approved Proposition D.

ACLU demands the legislature leave alone medical cannabis home grow. 

Every Vote Counts plans a city initiative to overturn a retail pot ban in Colorado Springs.

High Times and Martin Nickerson agreed to an undisclosed settlement in a Cannabis Cup trademark dispute.

Patients overwhelmed a state meeting on recommendations to repeal Washington’s voter-enacted medical cannabis law.

Weed Wagon cruises Spokane advertising energy drinks.

Mountlake Terrace City Council votes on cannabis zoning this Monday.

People of color comprise 87% of New York pot arrests under Mayor Bloomberg. And a reminder to refuse to empty your pockets for police.

Grant County Commission held a hearing on a proposed I-502 moratorium.

Alan Brochstein analyzes pot stocks. Quick tip: avoid ’em!

New South Wales Government rejected medical cannabis recommendations from a parliamentary inquiry.

Czech Republic prohibits pot production, despite legalizing medical cannabis.

Breeders prepare for direct-to-consumer sales in Colorado.

Kittitas County Commission considers cannabis zoning this Monday.

Washington State Liquor Control Board accepts legal pot business applications starting this Monday.

Rep. Jared Polis introduced legislation to allow cannabis users to legally own firearms.

Worth repeating

“There are so many higher priorities. I don’t feel the rush to be the first city to be tackling this legally. I wouldn’t even want to be the second or third city.”

Lakewood City Councilwoman Helen McGovern-Pilan on legal cannabis zoning

“That leaves maybe a small area near John Moran’s building … about two places between there and Jon Neal’s where someone could set up a shop in the city.”

Oroville Police Chief Clay Warnstaff on where retail pot stores might be able to locate in the city

“I think the moratoriums are going to fall into the same sort of category as the prohibitions because the law is pretty well in place, the feds have spoken and the rules are in place and it’s not going to be the state that’s going to object necessarily. It’s going to be that person who wants to open that retail establishment.”

Moses Lake City Councilwoman Karen Liebrecht on why cities should avoid marijuana moratoriums

“It’s going to be super-sweet the day I open a 502 location [in Bellingham] and shove it in their ass.”

Cannabis retailer Shy Sadis on opening a legal pot shop after being raided by the feds


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