Legal Cannabis Week #52

Entrepreneurs apply for pot licenses

Washington State regulators released the names and addresses of the first batch legal pot license applicants on Tuesday. Here is the same story written a bunch of times:

Washington State Releases List of Pot License Applicants, Funny Names Abound
NOV 26 | The Stranger

Pot-growing wannabes in 34 of 39 counties in state
NOV 26 | Seattle Times

96 in county apply for licenses to go into pot biz
NOV 26 | Everett Herald

Marijuana: State publishes list of applicants to produce, process and sell
NOV 26 | Tacoma News Tribune

12 seek permits to grow marijuana in Benton, Franklin counties
NOV 26 | Tri-City Herald

80+ places in Seattle where ‘potrepreneurs’ have applied to produce, process or sell retail marijuana
NOV 26 | Capitol Hill Seattle Blog

Washington applicants seek marijuana grow licenses more than retail
NOV 27 | Spokesman Review

Yakima County receives 26 applications for pot businesses
NOV 27 | Yakima Herald

Marijuana could be sold in stores by next summer; 10 Peninsula firms apply
NOV 27 | Peninsula Daily News

Whatcom’s first marijuana business applicants revealed
NOV 27 | Bellingham Business Journal

Moratorium cities risk litigation, state says

This week in The Stranger, once again I subtly encourage cities to lighten up and jump aboard the legal pot train. At a legislative hearing on November 22, cannabis board director Rick Garza reiterated the board’s intention to license legal pot shops in moratorium cities and see what happens—which they expect to be lawsuits.

Anti-Pot Cities May Get Sued
NOV 27 | The Stranger

Of course this history has played out prior with the medical cannabis bans that proliferated across the state in recent years. But the variables have changed and the game board has shifted, and quite honestly, I think we can win this round. The battle for our cities could be hard fought in places, but at the end of the day I believe more communities in Washington State will tolerate cannabis consumers and retail pot shops than ever have before.

I am heartened by the tack taken by Edmonds City Attorney Jeff Taraday at a recent city council meeting. He gave the council an ultimatum: either you want to ban pot businesses or you want to allow them. The council asked his opinion, and he said, basically, my opinion doesn’t matter, you have one initial policy decision with two possible answers. Do you want to ban them or allow them?

City gives staff green light to prepare for marijuana sales
NOV 29 | Edmonds Beacon

Faced with such a stark question, the council voted 6-0-1 to proactively work on cannabis zoning. I think we need more people stating things so clearly to council across the state. Otherwise, we may end up with frustrating prohibitionists like Councilman Javier Figueroa from University Place:

State marijuana law and the local conflicts, issues and impacts
Nov 27 | Comcast Newsmakers

Besides being a generally ineloquent speaker, Figueroa basically says screw the will of the people, I’m with the federal government on this one. I think that is an ironic and untenable position. If nobody hears it and nobody criticizes it and nobody laughs at it, such folly will continue unchecked, but even a modicum of properly-placed pressure—like the city attorney in Edmonds or concerned citizens—could sway councils to do right by their people.

Legal Cannabis Day this Friday, December 6

This Friday is Legal Cannabis Day, and to celebrate the first anniversary of legal pot in America, I convinced our city government that we have a right to convene in a public park regardless of our pot politics or cannabis consumption. Put another way: we’re having a legal pot party at Seattle Center.

Bob Young bloomed the story into a giant, stinky flower last week. I was on KOMO 4 News last Sunday, and KIRO 7 News after a handful of drug treatment and prevention leaders sent a letter demanding the city shut down the event because, well, what about the children?

Late night comedian Jimmy Fallon covered the story, saying that since it falls during the Christmas season, that explains the carols being sung in Seattle these days:

  • Rudolph the Red-Eyed Reindeer
  • Ablaze in a Manger
  • Joints to the World
  • Grandma Got Hung Over by a Doobie
  • We Wish You a Danky Cheeba

I’m pleased to announce Jim Page and DJ Riz will provide music for the evening. Speakers include Hilary Bricken, Councilmember Bruce Harrell, Dominic Holden, Councilmember Nick Licata, Vivian McPeak, and Dan Savage. There is plenty to do and see at Seattle Center that night—ice skating, theater, model trains, Pearl Jam, giant singing flowers, Chihuly glass gardens, and more—so treat the party as your safety-break launch pad for an interesting evening in a 74-acre urban park.

And the web site is live at That’s 420 dot Seattle Center.

Legal Cannabis Day collector poster on sale now

Own a piece of history, and help pay for the first-ever permitted pot party at Seattle Center, with a limited edition collector poster from the event. The posters are two-color screen prints on 12×18″ paper, limited to 420 prints and individually numbered. Cost is $20 picked up, $25 shipped, plus tax.

You can also have print #1, #42 or #420 for an additional fee, if you’re that kind of poster nut (I certainly am). Check out the design—a stylized monorail with a joint strapped atop—and order online at

Buy a Legal Cannabis Day limited-edition collector poster

Zoning map updates

A number of media folks mapped pot license applicants, including Capitol Hill Seattle Blog and the Spokesman Review. I love a good trend, so I duplicated their work and added it to Map Legal Cannabis.

My visualization includes zoning and I-502 buffers for jurisdictions indicated on the data page, so you can see which locations appear compliant and which ones don’t—i.e. who might win and who might lose. It looks like nearly half of the Seattle retail applicants are in questionable locations.

I made the following map updates:

  • Retail applicants added
  • Producer applicants added
  • Processor applicants added
  • Long Beach moratorium added 

Remember to check the data page before subscribing to ensure the map covers the area you want to see.

Upcoming events

Remember to verify meeting dates. Add this free data to your Google calendar, link directly to the ICAL, XML, or HTML formats, or get embed code for your own web site. Get in touch if you want permission to add calendar events, or just email individual events to

King County Cannabis Zoning Hearing
MON DEC 2 @1:30PM | King County Courthouse

Long Beach Cannabis Moratorium Hearing
MON DEC 2 @7PM | Long Beach City Hall

Longview Cannabis Zoning Hearing
WED DEC 4 @7PM | Longview City Hall

Association of Washington Growers and Breeders Meeting
WED DEC 4 @8PM (WEEKLY) | West Seattle Legion Hall

I-502 Anniversary Celebration
FRI DEC 6 @4:20PM | Next 50 Plaza, Seattle Center

Vashon Island Cannabis Social
SAT DEC 7 @3PM | Old VFW Hall

Loachfest XXII: Medical Cannabis Benefit Concert
SAT DEC 7 @8PM | Delta 9 Collective

WSLCB Hearing: Pot Ban in Bars and Clubs
WED DEC 11 @10AM | WSCLB Headquarters

CCSE Open Meeting
THU DEC 12 @NOON | Northwest Patient Resource Center

Ellensburg Cannabis Moratorium Hearing
MON DEC 16 @7PM | Ellensburg City Hall

Week in review

Molly Poiset, Cecilia Sivertson, and Angel Swanson talked to MSNBC.

Nine treatment and prevention leaders demanded the City of Seattle shut down a legal pot party at Seattle Center.

Nearly half of Wisconsinites support legal cannabis, survey says.

Senator Floyd Prozanski presented draft legislation to legalize cannabis in Oregon.

Americans for Safe Access released a white paper on state compliance with federal pot guidelines.

Colorado Ski Country USA requests that skiers refrain from toking in public.

Mason Tvert argued against Denver’s cannabis smell ban by holding a press conference on his balcony.

Edmonds City Council considered cannabis zoning.

Bainbridge Island City Council enacted cannabis zoning.

New Jersey Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee approved industrial hemp legislation.

David Fraser filed a class action suit against Health Canada for contacting registered pot patients.

Millions live with locally-decriminalized cannabis in Michigan.

L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer won a restraining order forbidding a medical pot shop from opening.

Cannabis lobbyists contribute to Congress.

Long Beach City Council enacted an I-502 moratorium.

Former politicians join legal pot hopefuls in Massachusetts.

1970’s pot reform supporters remain largely silent on the subject 40 years later.

Ethan Nadelmann reminds cannabis advocates to not forsake other drug users.

Spokane County entrepreneurs applied for legal pot licenses.

Transform released a report on how to regulate cannabis.

Marijuana moratorium cities risk litigation.

Medical marijuana differs in California and Washington, D.C.

Councilman Javier Figueroa discussed the I-502 moratorium in University Place.

DEA published a hash oil rule two years ago that is set to take effect next month.

Denver Post appointed Ricardo Baca to cannabis news editor.

Maori face higher pot arrest rates in New Zealand.

Israel registered 30% more pot patients this year.

Ronald Francis lost his RCMP uniform for smoking medical cannabis while on duty.

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Parliament voted to authorize coffeeshops in the Berlin neighborhood.

Edmonds City Council voted to work on cannabis zoning.

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board intends to employ minors to sting legal pot shops.

Worth repeating

 “Does the City want to allow marijuana stores in the city? Or ban them? You have two basic policy choices.”

Edmonds City Attorney Jeff Taraday on the initial pot policy decision facing city councils

“We hope in the next 4-6 months we’ll be very clear in our position and how we’re going to potentially say no that this is, that this, that what the lawmakers in Washington State that are behind implementing 502 are incorrect. It is not a legal law from our perspective.”

University Place City Councilman Javier Figueroa on banning I-502 stores in his city

“I’m always telling my marijuana reform allies, when they say we need to legalize marijuana and get tougher on the other drugs, ‘shut the hell up.’ We don’t need to end one discrimination and prohibition to double down on another.”

Drug Policy Alliance Executive Director Ethan Nadelmann on viewing drug policy reform holistically

“It’s an absolute gold rush. You are an idiot if you are running a dispensary and you can’t make a couple of million dollars in profit.”

Anti-pot attorney John Scheft on Massachusetts’ voter-approved medical cannabis law


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