Legal Cannabis Week #55

Let adults grow three plants each

Washington State regulators released medical cannabis recommendations this week, and the liquor board “reversed course” on home growing by suggesting severe restrictions on the number of pot plants a patient can legally grow, rather than the outright ban the agency threatened previously.

Washington board recommends medical pot changes
DEC 18 | Associated Press

The attack on patient home growing rights is misguided at best. I can’t help but see it as a plan to arrest, prosecute and imprison more of our people and maintain the fear-based culture war that is pot prohibition. The affirmative defense protects non-violent flower felons from the modern day slavery of our prison system, wherein millions of disapproved-drug-imbibing Americans are indentured to large corporations for pennies an hour.

The connection between the prison machine and the medical cannabis restrictions may not seem clear to those suggesting these restrictions, but it is clear to me, and I imagine it is clear to anyone else who has seen the injustice of a pot prosecution. Suggesting we recriminalize cannabis and send many of our people through the court system—fire up the old war machine—offends me on a deep level. We have a natural right to cannabis, and our man-made law is finally starting to align with that. Regulators must stop fighting this sea change, and stop fighting to recriminalize pot people.

But that’s all kinda heavy, and who really wants heavy? Which is why I’m trying to build positive from these offensive three-plant medical pot recommendations by suggesting all adults in Washington State should be allowed to grow three plants at home.

Let Adults Grow Three Plants Each
DEC 18 | The Stranger

In addition to The Stranger bit, I started an online petition to the legislature and a Facebook page. Over 50 people have re-posted the Home Grow 2014 campaign graphic. Remember the toll-free legislative hotline, 800-LOAN-000 (800-562-6000).

Washington pot license window closes

Cannabis entrepreneurs filed over 2,500 applications for Washington State pot licenses as the initial month-long application window drew to a close. Here’s some headlines:

More marijuana license bids filed by Peninsula businesses
DEC 15 | Peninsula Daily News

Clallam pot list expands
DEC 16 | Sequim Gazette

Big jump in Wash. pot business applications
DEC 17 | Associated Press

Holy Smokes! 11 marijuana licenses sought in valley
DEC 17 | Monroe Monitor

Number of Yakima County pot applications still growing
DEC 18 | Yakima Herald

Pot applications climb in Clark County as deadline nears
DEC 18 | The Columbian

7 more apply for pot licenses in Kittitas County
DEC 19 | Daily Record

Everett and Kirkland added to zoning map

Earlier this year I spent a week mapping Everett’s medical cannabis zoning. But after the city enacted I-502 zoning, I realized I was missing critical data to easily modify the Everett map to fit the new zoning. But this week I finally updated Map Legal Cannabis with Everett cannabis zoning.

The reason Everett is so complicated is because pot gardens are forbidden within 1,000 feet of a residentially-zoned property. So you can’t just say Industrial zones are good to go—one must draw a 1,000-foot buffer around residential parcels. The good news is that, unlike the previous medical cannabis zoning, those 1,000-foot residential buffers don’t apply to retail shops.

I’ve also added City of Kirkland‘s allowable cannabis zoning to the map.

Map Legal Cannabis

Remember to check the data page first to see if the map covers your area.

Upcoming events

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14th Annual Christmas Vigil
WED DEC 25 @NOON | King County Jail

Week in review

Illinois unveiled a web site for medical cannabis information.

Legal pot shops near reality.

Pot real estate blooms in Colorado.

Pasco City Council intends to ask the state legislature for marijuana tax money.

Maine parents fight to treat their epileptic children with cannabis.

Irv Rosenfeld remains Florida’s only legal pot smoker, but that may change.

President Jose Mujica accused the UN International Narcotics Control Board of lying about Uruguay’s legal pot plans.

The Emerald Cup hit Sonoma County.

Massachusetts appointed its medical cannabis license selection committee.

Matthew Davies received five years in prison for operating California cannabis dispensaries.

Iowa patients find relief in cannabis.

Cameron Monti wrote an e-book on Illinois medical cannabis law.

BBC News covered the I-502 Anniversary Celebration.

Growlife sells growing equipment.

Debby Goldsberry won a lifetime achievement award for weed.

Denver City Council decriminalized cannabis for adults between the age of 18 and 21.

Top ten tobacco-addicted states prohibit cannabis.

Connecticut entrepreneurs prepare for medical cannabis business licensing.

Steve DeAngelo and Keith Stroup remember the seventies. Dude.

MediJean breeds cannabis in Canada.

BioTrackTHC develops centralized cannabis tracking software for the state, and commercial software for end-users to plug in to that state reporting system.

Waitsburg City Council enacted cannabis zoning.

Americans for Safe Access announced a medical cannabis certification program.

Adults deserve the right to grow a few pot plants at home, Ben Livingston argues.

Oregon Court of Appeals ordered hash returned to its rightful owner.

Asotin County Board of Commissioners enacted an I-502 moratorium.

Whatcom County loves Canadian weed tourists.

RAND increased estimates for Washington’s cannabis consumption.

Teen pot use increased slightly over last year, survey says.

Palm Springs City Council enacted a 10% medical cannabis tax.

Synthetic pot sickens hundreds in Colorado.

John Payne and Sgt. Jason Grellner debated legalization in front of a packed Missouri forum.

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board issued guidelines for cannabis testing labs.

Cowlitz County Board of Commissioners enacted an I-502 moratorium.

Roger Roffman appeared on The Takeaway.

Colorado Court of Appeals affirmed a decision remanding 60 pounds of medical cannabis.

NORML Nebraska pushes for legal cannabis.

American Prospect overviews 2014 pot policy battlegrounds.

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board banned board-licensed private pot clubs.

Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo suggested cannabis drop boxes at the Aspen airport.

Caleb Floyd faces vehicular homicide charges after a fatal accident in which he tested above the state’s per-se pot limit.

Israel approved legislation to increase pot-prescribing doctors and centralize cannabis distribution.

Colorado entertainment venues tolerate cannabis use.

Colorado hopes to become the Amsterdam of America.

Yakima Nation plans to oppose 200 pot business applications in ten Washington counties.

Worth repeating

“If you want to spend half a million dollars on growing marijuana in central Washington, I suggest you don’t do that, because we will come after you. The Yakama Nation will come after you. And under our treaty, all we have to do is pick up the phone and call the federal government and tell you to get off of our land.”

Yakama Nation attorney George Colby on legal pot grows on federally-managed tribal lands

“The medical marijuana initiative created a loophole large enough to drive a truck through for general use participants.”

Senator Ann Rivers on Washington State’s voter-approved medical cannabis law

“When you start drawing 1,000 foot circles around everything … you really kind of have nowhere left.”

Waitsburg City Manager Randy Hinchcliffe on I-502 cannabis zoning

“What it does do is make it so that these kids don’t have to live into adulthood with mistakes they might have made when they were 19.”

Denver City Councilman Albus Brooks on decriminalizing marijuana for adults 18-21

“I think to get the buy-in from Department of Justice that we needed and wanted, traceability system was part of that.”

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board Deputy Director Randy Simmons on a pot plant tracking system



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