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Legal Cannabis Week #67

Legislature adjourns without modifying medical cannabis law

The Washington State Legislature ended its 60-day legislative session without passing medical marijuana legislation. Here are some headlines:

Legislature’s inaction leaves medical pot system in legal haze
MAR 14 | Seattle Times

Legislature fails to move on medical pot
MAR 14 | Associated Press

Washington lawmakers fail to agree on merging medical, recreational pot systems
MAR 14 | Spokesman-Review

Medical Marijuana Bill Dies in Washington State
MAR 14 | New York Times

2014 Washington Legislature: Medical marijuana regulations locked up in partisan gridlock as session nears scheduled end
MAR 13 | The Oregonian

WSLCB draft rule changes

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board proposed cannabis rule changes to:

  • Allow producers to sell plants, seeds and starts;
  • Disallow processors from mixing cannabis into potentially hazardous foods that require proper temperature control;
  • Require processors to keep recipes on-site for state inspection;
  • Allow processors to accept returns from retailers;
  • Allow retailers to transport product between retail locations and to return to processors;
  • Disallow retailers from accepting product returns that have been opened;
  • Remove OMRI approval as a guideline for acceptable cannabis production products;
  • Allow transport by certified testing labs;
  • Require processors to obtain fire marshal approval for closed-loop co2 extractors;
  • Require closed-loop co2 extractors to be built to professional codes; and
  • Require retailers to return samples to processors.

They aren’t on the cannabis board proposed rules site yet, so I uploaded them to Scribd for your convenience.

WSLCB retail lottery notice

The board also sent notice a few weeks back to all retail applicants that they have 30 days to get their affairs in order before the lottery that state regulators plan to hold for retail cannabis applicants.

And last week I released a report on Seattle pot shop applicants, and did a lackluster job of scoring media coverage, despite these interesting news breaks:

  • Over half of the 400+ Seattle retail applicants fail the location test to enter the state lottery;
  • Some landlords are stacking up to 14 applications per property; and
  • WSLCB’s answer to whether multiple applications at the same location will be able to win the lottery is they will deal with that scenario if and when it happens.

Thankfully, despite the recent shakeup at The Stranger—in which my editor was promoted so he wouldn’t have to deal with people like me—my Slog account still works, so I posted this, complete with a simple Seattle lottery infographic:

Most Seattle Pot Shop Applicants Won’t Reach the Lottery
MAR 14 | The Stranger

Legislative weed watch

Sine die and hallelujah! Can we all relax now? I mean, pot’s supposed to make life mellow, right? What’s with having over 50 cannabis-related bills per legislative session? The problems of success! These bills made it through:

  • HB 2304 – Liquor Control Board – Allowing hash sales and recriminalizing hash possession over 7 grams.
  • SB 6505 – Hargrove – Deny standard agricultural tax breaks to cannabis businesses.

These bills are dead barring a special session: HB 1084, HB 1482, HB 1597, HB 1661, HB 1662, HB 1789, HB 1888, HB 1976, HB 1991, HB 1992, HB 2000, HB 2028, HB 2030, HB 2149, HB 2198, HB 2206, HB 2303, HB 2233, HB 2322, HB 2394, HB 2409, HB 2405, HB 2411, HB 2509, HB 2510, HB 2511, HB 2566, HB 2638, HB 2706, HB 2732, HB 2767, HB 2772, SB 5010, SB 5222, SB 5279, SB 5528, SB 5887, SB 5954, SB 5966, SB 6130, SB 6158, SB 6160, SB 6178, SB 6214, SB 6393, SB 6481, SB 6542, SB 6543, SJM 8000.

Cannabis calendar

Remember to verify meeting dates. Add this calendar to your Google phone. Other formats: ICAL, XML, HTML, web site embed code. Contact to add your events.

Washington Marijuana Business Association Meetup
TUE MAR 18 @6PM | Magical Butter Studios

Seattle Hempfest Band Tryouts
THU MAR 20 @7PM | 88 Keys Piano Bar

Headwaters Social Club
SAT MAR 22 @6PM | Center for the Study of Cannabis And Social Policy

Week in review

Correction: Last week I distilled this article by suggesting Dr. Roger Roffman’s work is specifically funded by I-502. That was hastily written and incorrect. I-502 specifically designates money for the UW Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute, not Roffman’s work. Apologies for the error.

Missouri Rep. Chris Kelly sponsored a legalization bill.

Angel Swanson started a cannabis staffing company.

Jason Draizin convinced national media that his pot doctor commercial would run on national TV, but it didn’t.

A dispensary owner shot an unarmed man outside his Spokane store.

Pot growers vie for dwindling Denver warehouse space.

California Senator Lou Correa sponsored a bill to ban hash oil extraction.

Medical marijuana legislation stalled in the Minnesota legislature.

D.C. Board of Elections approved a legalization initiative for circulation.

John Knock serves life in prison for marijuana, as do over a dozen other Americans.

Denver Civic Center 420 Rally appears a go after organizers agreed to discourage public pot consumption.

Yakima Police Department opposes legal cannabis businesses because DUI is illegal.

Cheryl and David Fanelli won approval for the nation’s first permitted cannabis club.

A low-THC medical marijuana bill cleared the Utah Senate.

Franklin County Board of Commissioners extended an I-502 moratorium.

Florida Senate Health Care Policy Committee approved a low-THC medical cannabis bill.

Steve Katz plans a cannabis mutual fund.

Government agencies kidnap children from pot-smoking parents still.

Iowa Board of Pharmacy regrets it can not legalize medical cannabis.

Sanjay Gupta followed Brian and Meghan Wilson as they sought medical marijuana for their toddler.

Alabama Senate approved a medical marijuana study.

Suzy Brewster hopes grow legal cannabis in Blaine.

Michael McNichols slows New Approach Oregon with a ballot language appeal.

Kentucky Senate approved a low-THC medical cannabis bill.

American Herbal Pharmacopoeia released a scientific review of cannabis in the treatment of epilepsy.

Washington State Legislature approved a bill to deny standard agriculture tax breaks to cannabis growers.

Leafly upgraded its app.

Arkansans for Compassionate Care discussed plans for a followup to their near-successful 2012 medical marijuana ballot appearance.

Washington State Legislature passed a bill to allow sales of cannabis concentrates.

Uruguay plans legal cannabis sales by year’s end.

Georgia Senate Health and Human Services Committee approved a low-THC medical cannabis bill.

Sugar ranks riskier than marijuana, survey says.

Sean Green grows legal cannabis in Spokane.

National Cannabis Industry Association lobbied Congress.

Colorado growers grumble about RFID tagging every pot plant.

Colorado Court of Appeals vacated a pre-legalization marijuana conviction.

Colorado companies offer weed tours.

U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher pushes the “ultimate marijuana bill.”

Federal Bureau of Investigations refuses to run background checks on legal pot business applicants in Washington State.

Employment seekers flocked to a cannabis job fair in Colorado.

Kush Tourism offers Seattle cannabis tours.

United States Department of Health Services approved a medical cannabis study by Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.

Maryland Senate approved a bill to decriminalize cannabis.

U.S. Rep. Jared Polis estimates no more than 5-10 congressman smoke pot.

Thanet District Council Member Ian Driver proposed a cannabis cafe in Kent, England.

Justin Hartfield dabs with the Wall Street Journal.

Moxee City Council lifted a moratorium on cannabis production and processing, but kept it in place for retail sales.

Maryland House of Delegates approved a medical cannabis fixer bill.

Chris Folkerts sells vape pens.

Marijuana Business Association hosted a cannabis business fair.

Michigan Court of Appeals considers unemployment benefits for workers fired over medical cannabis.

George Michael rocks the ganja no more.

Worth repeating

“There’s no medicinal value to a high-THC concentrates like butane hash oil, and we don’t believe it’s part of the array of legitimate medical marijuana.”

California Police Chief’s Association Government Relations Managers John Lovel on a proposal to ban hash oil

“It’s not only the best way to smoke but it’s the safest as well.”

Cannabis business hopeful Suzy Brewster on hash oil

“Hops are big in Moxee and marijuana may be big in Moxee, too. You never know.”

Moxee City Supervisor Byron Adams on regulating cannabis production


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