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Legal Cannabis Week #68

Washington cannabis lottery deadline looms

Recall the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board sent notice between February 21-25 to all retail applicants that they have 30 days to get their affairs in order before the (ill-advised) lottery that state regulators are planning for retail cannabis applicants. That means the deadlines fall between March 24-27 of this week.

A few weeks back I released a report on the retail lottery, with licensing probabilities around the state, and a specific focus on Seattle pot shop applicants. The lottery outlook is dreary for most applicants, who won’t even make it into the game of chance.

So break out your Ouija board, pot people, and if you still don’t have a 502-compliant location for the (ill-advised) pot lottery, contact me at or 206-335-9214 and I can help connect you with deadline-conscious, 502-friendly landlords. Keep the dream alive, for now at least.

Cannabis calendar

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Port Townsend Planning Commission Cannabis Zoning Hearing
THU MAR 27 @6:30PM | Port Townsend City Hall

Seattle Hempfest Band Tryouts
THU MAR 27 @7PM | 88 Keys Piano Bar

Headwaters Cannabis Social Club
SAT MAR 29 @6PM | Center for the Study of Cannabis And Social Policy

Week in review

Colorado officials wonder if they will have to refund excess pot tax revenues to taxpayers.

Republicans introduced a bill demanding President Obama enforce federal drug laws.

Charlee Nelson died days after a medical cannabis bill was named in her honor.

Health Canada threatened medical cannabis home growers with police action.

Michael Correia lobbies for legal cannabis in Congress.

Colorado DOT released funny pot-driving DUIs, in case you missed them.

Kennewick heads for a pot lottery, but Pasco, Richland and West Richland may not.

Port Townsend Planning Commission considers cannabis zoning at a March 27 public hearing.

Iowa voters support medical cannabis 81% to 17%, survey says.

Low-THC medical marijuana leaves most patients without effective medicine.

Governor John Hickenlooper signed a marijuana medibles packaging bill.

Sen. Claire McCaskill worries that kids will be handed legal pot joints like they are handed beers. (Second page is the quote.)

Michigan cannabis activists announced plans for more local pot initiatives, and cannabis candidates too.

Brandy Johnson lobbies for low-THC medical cannabis in Missouri.

San Pablo, California postponed legislation to ban medical cannabis home grows.

Ricki Lake announced a medical cannabis documentary project.

Ethan Nadelmann spoke at a legal highs conference in New Zealand.

Scientists allege that federal marijuana research policy has been swayed by anti-pot politics.

Oregon entrepreneurs await medical cannabis dispensary licenses.

PotCoin and DopeCoin provide a digital currency option for legal pot.

California Democrats work against legal cannabis despite now-official party support.

Columbia, Missouri City Council considers a bill to decriminalize cannabis home grows.

Clark County, Nevada approved medical cannabis dispensary regulations.

Iowa Senators seek a medical cannabis legislative study.

Jake Ellison wondered what legal authority WSLCB has to confiscate marijuana, before re-reading I-502.

Pot arrests plummeted in post-legalization Washington State, report shows.

Congress ignores a pot banking bill.

Pot stocks fluctuate wildly in price (because most are recently-converted penny-stock shells ripe for affinity scams).

Uruguay hopes to buy weed from Canada.

Primco Management acquired a grey-market Seattle medical marijuana dispensary and a yet-to-be-issued 502 production license.

GW Pharmaceuticals provides an exit strategy for a prohibitionist-era FDA.

South Carolina Senate forwarded a low-THC medical cannabis bill.

Alabama Legislature passed a low-THC medical cannabis bill.

Georgia Legislature edged ever so close to passing a low-THC medical cannabis bill before adjourning for the year.

Judge Michael Manson exempted medical cannabis home growers from Health Canada’s new pot regime.

Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board decided hemp is not a weed.

Oregon Health Authority issued the state’s first eight medical cannabis dispensary licenses.

CannaCon hits the Tacoma Dome on Hempfest weekend.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed a low-THC medical cannabis bill.

Charlie Bilello warns against marijuana penny stock scams.

EdiPure encounters roadblocks in its Vashon Island pot production plans.

Fraud victims complain about Massachusetts medical cannabis investors.

King County Prosecutors charged Ryan Erker as an accomplice in the home-invasion murder of dispensary worker Ryan Prince.

Judge Katherine Cooper ruled Arizona patients can use cannabis extracts.

Michigan House considers legalizing marijuana medibles and dispensaries.

Sen. Nicholas Scutari intends to introduce a cannabis legalization bill in New Jersey.

Michigan prison guards enjoy marijuana butter, charges suggest.

Illegal outdoor growing harms the California environment, in case you missed it.

Everett Herald mapped Snohomish pot business applicants.

Washington cannabis entrepreneurs attended a marijuana business fair.

Ian Driver organizes a 420 day, as they call it across the pond.

Floridians eye future medical cannabis rules.

Ohio Rights Group collects signatures to place a medical marijuana initiative on the ballot.

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel rejected another Arkansas marijuana initiative ballot title.

Many employers relax anti-marijuana job requirements.

Worth repeating

“The acquisition of Suzie Q’s, one of the first fully licensed facilities in Seattle, gives us a base of operations which tie in perfectly with our plans in nearby Vancouver.”

Primco Management CEO David Michery on purchasing a grey-market medical pot purveyor and a pending 502 grow license as an out-of-state, publicly-traded penny stock company

“To start with, we will have to buy cannabis. I think that we’re going to buy it from Canada, because that’s where the best quality is.”

Uruguayan Senator and first lady Lucia Topolansky on kickstarting the country’s legal pot market

“We are all expected to act like grownups and accept it gracefully as experiments prove our favorite theories are false. In physics, unlike marijuana policy, we consider the right message to send to be the message that’s true.”

Theoretical physicist John H. Schawrz on the error of science and social policy based on manufactured truth

“Bottom line, if you are a bad person doing bad things, PotCoin is no place to play, and obviously if a crime has been committed, our cooperation will be swift.”

Pseudo-anonymous PotCoin creator mrjones on cooperating with cops to stop criminals from using a digital currency designed for federally-illegal pot transactions

“If every employer starts to enforce their rights and if they terminate all the people who test positive, the turnover costs will be enormous. They’ve taken marijuana off the things they test for, and simply said ‘we don’t want to know.'”

Mountain States Employers Council attorney Curtis Graves on the practical constraints of workplace drug testing in a post-prohibition world

“I think there are enough loopholes in this law to drive a truck through.”

Brookfield Township Trustee Ron Haun on an Ohio medical marijuana proposal

“You could drive a Mack truck through it.”

Reagan-era drug policy advisor Carlton Turner on a Florida medical marijuana proposal


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