Photo by Ben Livingston

Legal Cannabis Week #71

Cannabis calendar

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Cannabis Freedom March Poster Party
WED APR 16 @2PM | Delta 9 Seattle

Association of Cannabis Breeders and Growers Meeting
WED APR 16 @8PM | Delta 9 Seattle

Seattle Hempfest Band Tryouts
THU APR 17 @7PM | 88 Keys Piano Bar

Cannabis Freedom March Meeting
SAT APR 19 @4PM | Delta 9 Seattle

Headwaters Cannabis Social Club
SAT APR 19 @6PM | Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy

Dope Cup
SAT APR 19 @8PM | Magical Butter Studios

Cannabis Carnivalus
SUN APR 20 @1PM | Melrose Market Studios

Seattle Hempfest 420Fest
SUN APR 20 @3PM | Factory Lux

Marijuana Business Association Meeting
TUE APR 22 @6PM | Magical Butter Studios

Week in review

Mexican farmers switch from cannabis to heroin as prices drop.

Attorney General Eric Holder answered Congressional questions on pot.

Cannabis allergies buzzkill legal pot for some.

U.S. Rep. Steny Hoyer clarified that he has not smoked marijuana.

U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher advocates for state’s legalization rights.

Albanian police seized 4,850 pounds of couch weed bound for Italy.

Colorado Senator Linda Newell clarified that her drug-endangered kids bill doesn’t target legal marijuana.

Columbia, Missouri City Council tabled a bill to decriminalize cannabis home grows.

Dennis Peron celebrated another birthday.

D.C. City Council sponsored a bill to loosen medical cannabis requirements.

Camas City Council extended an I-502 moratorium.

Bakkhos Holding scrapped plans to purchase the old K2 building on Vashon Island.

New Hampshire voters support legal cannabis, survey says.

Uruguay plans to provide medical cannabis to prisoners.

Snoop Dogg plays Denver and Seattle on 4/20 weekend.

Whatcom County Council revised a draft cannabis zoning ordinance.

Rhode Island stands to earn $20-80 million per year on pot taxes, report suggests.

Nelson officials promote outdated web sites claiming pot is legal in their town.

Larimer County, Colorado experienced its first legal pot sales.

Missouri House General Laws Committee passed a low-THC medical cannabis bill.

Tennessee Senate approved a bill to study low-THC medical cannabis oil.

Transform recommends boring pot food packaging.

Securities and Exchange Commission halted trading of Growlife penny stocks.

Governor Chris Christie opposes ending cannabis prohibition.

German law professors demand cannabis legalization.

Ebrahim and Valintin Poura agreed to pay $150,000 to settle a federal marijuana dispensary forfeiture case.

New Jersey voters deadlock on legalized marijuana, poll shows.

Puerto Rico mulls legal cannabis as part of an overall solvency solution.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear signed a low-THC medical cannabis bill.

Everett Herald opined in favor of federal cannabis rescheduling.

Colorado farmers wonder where to get hemp seed.

Colorado sells nearly 1,700 pounds of pot per month.

Iowa Rep. Clel Baudler switched her anti-pot stance after learning of cannabidiol.

Hyatt charged a Denver tourist $200 for leaving his pot behind.

Susan Soares sued the Redondo, California Police Department for raiding her medical cannabis grow.

Adagio Bed and Breakfast allows cannabis use in their Denver lodging.

Colorado travel searches increased 78% from last year.

U.S. Department of Justice allowed Washington regulators to run FBI background checks on cannabis entrepreneurs.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal announced multiple options for medical cannabis clinical trials.

Colorado pot taxes exceed projections, Moody’s says.

Dwayne Bowe’s attorney asked a judge to suppress marijuana evidence found on the pro football player.

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation indicated legal cannabis producers will be denied federal irrigation.

Marijuana Business Daily estimates pot revenues could reach $8 billion by 2018.

Advanced Cannabis Solutions stock plunged in value after a ten-day trading suspension.

Marijuana vending machines debuted in Colorado.

Maryland regulators expect a fifteen-month timeline before medical cannabis is available.

Some parents seek drug-sniffing dogs to deal with pot at school.

WSU researchers test THC on rats.

Courtney Sherwood acquired legal pot in Colorado.

Extravaganja 2014 hits Amherst, Massachusetts this weekend.

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley signed a bill to decriminalize cannabis.

Sharon Foster says at least one credit union will provide services to Washington pot businesses.

Florida Democrats hope medical cannabis helps their polling numbers.

Olympia City Council considers renewing an I-502 moratorium.

University Place considers renewing an I-502 moratorium.

Seventies pot reformers screwed the eighties.

The Columbian editorialized in favor of medical cannabis regulation in Washington State.

Montana Caregivers Network advertised medical cannabis classes in New Hampshire.

Spokane Valley City Council considers lightening up on the pot zoning.

Randy Simmons, Hilary Bricken, and Matt Cohen speak in Spokane on Wednesday.

Highwater Farms and Tropic Grow gained cannabis production licenses.


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